10 Charity Challenges to Gain Even More Attention

As almost everyone knows, the ALS Ice bucket challenge has become extremely successful for a number of reasons:

We all got to pretend to care about an important issue while being able to use said issue as a guise for posting even more pictures and videos of ourselves online. We even got to tag our friends in the video so they were forced to watch it and then do the same thing. It was a pretty sweet gig. But now it’s over and, well, we can’t just do it again can we?

Wrong. When Satyr wants to post videos online, it doesn’t take no for an answer. Here are 10 more charity challenges to help you break free from the shackles of society along with us:

1. Eat a ghost pepper for women’s rights

2. Go streaking for children’s cancer

3. Have someone throw a pie at you for the Middle East

4. Adopt a cat for ebola

5. Tell your roommate you ate their food for wildlife conservation

6. Climb a tree for soldiers

7. Finish school, get a good job, find a spouse, love them dearly, have children, tell them that you have a family secret to share with them, but you’ll only tell them on your death bed, live a long life, eat healthy, and constantly remind them of the family secret. When the time eventually comes for you to die, bring your children close, have them lean in, and whisper with your dying breath, “I am Batman.” for the homeless.

8. Twerk for leukemia

9. Yell at a child for Alzheimer’s

10. Track and kill a grizzly bear for obesity.

Together, we shall never stop posting videos and acting like we care about each other! We can do it internet!

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