10 Dorm Room Posters To Show That You Are Aloof And Smoke Weed

The time between when your parents leave and Frat parties begin is vital to any First Year’s social cred. Avoid rushing off to Target and picking a basic poster of The Beatles. Instead, take some time to think about what your poster says about YOU. Luckily, we here at Satyr are here to help you nail down the “they’re so cool they could be a sociopath” look. 

1.Kurt Cobain

downloadYou’ll tell everyone on your floor about the white lighter death conspiracy theory. Then you’ll use a white lighter.

2.Moulin Rouge

MPW-34113Yeah, you did absinthe one time with your cousins in France. It wasn’t that watered down garbage you get in the States. It was real because you’re cultured and have been to Paris.

3.Bob Marley

419FYYARMHL._SY300_ You’re white, wear boat shoes, and your parents are making you rush a frat. You’re so chill though because you’ve listened to “One Love” like a bajillion times. Wait! Remember to hang this poster once your parents leave! You can’t have them knowing how chill you are outside your Econ major exterior.

4.Steve Miller Band

GreatestHits7478-316 Anyone who’s cool enough will understand the reference. Yes, you too are a midnight toker.

5.Fight Club

download (1)The first rule of Fight Club is to not talk. At all. In fact, just grimace at everyone on your floor. That’s how cool and aloof you are.

6.The Kiss by Klimt

71N5lkVkUEL._SY450_ Are you a Fine Arts major? No?  Just Art History?

7.Good Vibes Only

il_340x270.1269662779_kvip You only want chill vibes in your room. When Sarah and Cat start arguing about Jake on your bottom bunk, you just point to the poster and save the day. You didn’t need to say a word.

8.Anything from Society6

inner-peace-pul-tapestriesYou really can’t go wrong with a nature tapestry or one with a medallion. You’re not a hipster; you’re a free spirit.   

9.That Pink Floyd poster with all the butts

d6911a0e6cd844a27b61c7ea87e85242If you’re a girl with this poster, you’re showing how cool and flexible you are with your sexuality. You can easily get a group of guys to smoke with you on your loft bed Week 1. That is, until the RA comes. But you’re a badass so you’ll take that write-up and brag about how lame living in the dorms is. If you’re a dude, you’ve never touched a girl.

10.A poster that says “I’m Aloof and Smoke Weed”

Slide1 It’s ironic.


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