10 Reasons You And Your BFF Have a Friendship as Commonplace as Everyone Else


1. Your BFF is your go-to when you get good news.

This is normal. Everyone tells the people close to them when something good happens.

2. They’re your go-to when you get bad news.

If you didn’t throw some bad things in, your friend would probably hate you.

3.  You two cuddle like nobody’s business.

Touch increases oxytocin which makes us feel connection to the world around us, decreases the stress hormone cortisol, and releases the feel-good hormone dopamine. Mothers and babies need skin-to-skin contact. Animals cuddle. Cuddling is literally as natural as it gets.

4. They know everything going on in your life.

This is a natural consequence of 1 and 2.

5. You two hate the same people.

You might have heard of a little saying “The enemy of mine enemy is my friend.” This is an ancient proverb that dates back to 4th century BC and notably, not to when you two met.

6. You’re always partners on the dance floor.

Dancing with your friends is super fun. Dancing with strangers is certainly less commonplace.

7. You’ve thought about what it would be like to be a couple.

The Proximity Effect is the sociopsychological idea that the closer people are in physical space, the higher the odds are that physical attraction will arise. Mere Exposure Effect asserts that the more you see a person, the more you like them.

8. You’ve more than strongly considered living together.

Duh? What does it take to consider anything. You were just thinking about banging in number 7, this is rather tame.

9. People essentially expect you as a package.

“You are the company you keep.” This Little diddy dates back to the Bible or Aesop’s Fables…Pick your fave old-ass literature and it’s there.

10. You support each other.

This? is? an? essential? part? of? being? friends?

Here is the validation you’re seeking from the Internet in order to conclude that you and your BFF indeed have a relationship.

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