5 Cute Nervous Ticks To Try This Finals Season

SATYR Nervous tick 1. Nervous Eye Twitch

The Nervous eye twitch is the “red lip classic” of nervous twitches. When you walk into a room and notice a girl twitching, you know she was brought up with class. There’s a casual elegance about it. The best part of a nervous eye twitch is its subtlety, like a nude eye shadow. It’s simple but it always gets the job done.

2. Intermittent Screaming

Intermittent screaming is for the girl who’s out there. Nothing says “I’m not afraid to be myself” like uncontrollable intermittent screaming. We promise this finals season, everyone will notice you when you walk into a room.

3. The “There Are Ants Under My Skin” Forearm Scratch

Are you more edgy than a nervous eye twitch, but more “easy breezy ” than Intermittent Screaming? Then the Forearm Scratch might just be the nervous tick for you.

This tick pairs really well with a political science final, philosophy essay, or even an illness in the family.

4. Pulling Out Your Own Hair

Fight the the Summer heat that comes with long locks AND cope with your stress by pulling out your own hair. Make sure to pull it out one strand at a time so you get the full calming effect of the repetitive action. Little clumps of pulled out hair make the perfect accessory for any outfit! As you start losing more sleep your body will even help you with this one as your hair will eventually start falling out on its own. This is perfect for a  Zooey Deschanel-esque quirky type. The tiny ball of hair you accumulate will also keep you company as your relationships deteriorate from neglect!

5. Muttering

As we established with number two on our list, verbal ticks are super edgy. And being unpredictable is the way to get guys interested! What’s more unpredictable than muttering under your breath intended for no one at all? We recommend that, as tempting as it may be, you don’t mutter anything too threatening because you WILL be arrested by UCPD and held in an undisclosed location under Northern Lights. Not only will you be forced to stay there for 36 hours, there’s nothing cute about girls who get citations for “disturbing the peace”.


Art by Colin Tandy

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