5 Dads You Will See at Bruin Day

Keep an eye out for dads this weekend. Here’s a few you may encounter:


saytr med coachThe Pre-Med Coach

Uniform: Polo shirt, Sunglasses, Crossed Arms

This guy is going to be quiet during most of the visit, except for maybe making a tasteless joke about North Campus majors. That is, until someone asks if anyone has any questions. Then…

“How can my child get into research? How does my child find a faculty advisor? Are there opportunities for him to work with a doctor? How crowded are the classes for prospective medical students? How competitive are the classes for prospective medical students….”


lost dad saytr


The Lost

Uniform: Minivan, Stress

This man is in front of public affairs, and is apparently looking for something he calls “Dick-straw Hall”. He has been on three of the four Charles E. Young Drives. He tried his GPS, but it has been recalculating for the last half hour. He has finally listened to his wife’s advice and is now asking you for help. Better hope you have the entire campus map memorized, because he’s going to call you out on it if you don’t.




The Trojan

Uniform: USC Hat, USC Shirt, Weird Tan

There is always one of these guys. His child spent 18 hard years working to get accepted into one of the most prestigious public universities in the world. This is her chance to explore her new home. But no, that would mean this guy doesn’t get to be the center of attention. He’ll end 8-claps with a “Fight On” and take an obscene picture with the bear. Way to represent your alma mater.



Kid dad Saytr



The Guy with Too Many Kids

Uniform: Socks with Sandals, Undersized backpack

This poor, poor man. His son and wife are touring UCLA, and he’s stuck babysitting. And by that, I mean that he is following his six kids all around campus as they treat everything like a jungle gym. Sure, go ahead, let your five-year-old hang from the sculpture of our greatest Basketball Coach. Make sure to laugh at his lame jokes, because he is dead inside and needs the support. Also, watch out for him in the parking lot, because he clearly has trouble pulling out.



Alumni SaytrThe Alumnus

Uniform: Brett Hundley Jersey, Nostalgic Tears

UCLA has a number of very accomplished alumni with world-shaking achievements, but this man is not one of them. And now that he’s back, this is his chance to re-live the glory days of his youth. He’ll answer every question on the tour, and make inside jokes that may have been relevant in the 1980s. He’ll make the current brothers of his old frat uncomfortable by attempting to bond with them. He will mourne the loss of the bowling alley and give stink eye to the Trojan Dad. Bruin Born, Bruin Bred, Bruins til’ Monday when he goes back to his desk job.




Illustrated by Sarita Zed-Schreiber

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