5 Things You Can Paper Maché With Unused Daily Bruins



If you’re like most UCLA students, you often happen upon large stacks of unread, untouched Daily Bruin newspapers on your way to class. We at Satyr have worked out some fun, crafty ideas for putting these abandoned papers to use!

  1. Cupid’s Arrow


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better way to break in the holiday with a bunch of discarded copies of The Daily Bruin. Instead of wasting precious hours reading the articles, simply make a fun gift for that special someone.

       2)   A Dick

If you’re not looking for a fun V-Day gift, maybe it’d be fun to paper maché a dick. The puff pieces on “cool professors” are very good for the scrotal walls.


3)     A More Detailed Dick


For the more advanced machérs, Daily Bruin papers are also able to create longer, more intricate dicks. To execute this craft, we recommend the article where Bruin Republicans hypocritically complained about feel targeted for their beliefs. Fun!

4) Devil Horns



If paper maché dicks aren’t your thing, you can also throw together some devil horns for your next costume party. For this craft, we solely recommend the DB publication in which “Piterberg Students Say Protests Are Disruptive”. Cute!

5) Gru from Despicable Me


For the more advanced machér, celebrate your minion love with a Gru head from Despicable Me. Add acrylic paint and you are set for any despicable occasion. (Note: this model can also be an inflamed penis.)


6) A More Crude Dick


Who wants to make devil horns, am I right? Beginners shouldn’t be afraid to start off simple with a more crude-looking dick like the one pictured above. Don’t let the lack of testicles, or that fact that is is the disappointing sports section of The Daily Bruin keep you from creating the best paper maché dicks you can!


Note: Satyr staff was given free reign to design whatever they wanted. As is expected, we all chose to make dicks.



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