Emojis For Our New World Order

Emojis are fun ways to communicate your most common thoughts! A tiny salsa dancer says “Let’s have a girls night out!” Now that your most frequent thoughts are changing because of the current political climate, Emoji has released an update! Checkout our preview of Emoji’s new update:

Look at this little screaming yellow circle man next to a shaking map of Mexico! It’s a super cute way to say, “There were massive earthquakes in Mexico and I fear the same thing could happen here!”


Another one of our favorites was the new birth control emoji, surrounded by giant cartoon money bags. It’s a quick way to shoot your squad a text saying: “More low income women just lost access to birth control.”


The new update has FINALLY given us a new emoji for deciding what movie to go to. This little star-eyed man with big touchy hads is a super efficient way to let your girlies know that they should see a different movie because the star/producer/director of the movie you guys were going to see tonight just got accused of sexual assault. Twenty-seven different times.


For the summer months, the little flooded city emoji is an easier way to text “There’s just been another devastating hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico”!

emoji6 (1)

Finally, there’s a twist on the classic yellow sad face emoji! This new one is your traditional sad-face emoji, but now it’s in front of a clock and holding a gun. It’s the perfect emoji to deflect debate about gun regulations, but in a cute and quick way after the next inevitable national gun violence tragedy!

Emoji also gave the Satyr staff an exclusive sneak peek at their 2018 update!

emoji7 (1)

Our favorite was this “I fear Robot Jared Kushner” emoji.

Art by Cornellius Robbins

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