A Story: Typical Trip to Whole Foods

Illustrated by Sarita Zed-Schreiber

Sadly, I had run out of boneless, skinless, organic chicken breast, so I knew it was time to make my weekly trip to Whole Foods. As I entered the parking lot in my teal Toyota Prius, I was excited— maybe this time, the electric-vehicle parking space would be empty, but, to my dismay, another teal Toyota Prius was parked at the charging station.

“Rats,” I yelled out as a deep sadness overcame me.

Depressed, I continued to look for a parking spot. I was yet again disappointed after each spot that I had thought was empty from afar, was either filled with shopping carts that were not returned to the cart-return area or mopeds.

Finally, I found a spot in the back and entered Whole Foods I was greeted by a sea of Ataulfo Mangoes for $5.99 each. I watched, as fool after fool, happily put these mangoes in their carts—but I knew better—I knew I could buy two Tommy-Atkins mangoes for that same price. 

“Ataulfo Mangoes for         $5.99 each.”

However, I soon realized I was the fool—I forgot to bring my reusable shopping bags.

“There goes my green-bag points for this week,” I said to myself.

“Pardon?” said a small grocer.

I marched on and filled my cart with the usual—turmeric root, kale, barley, brown rice, brown-rice pasta, brown-rice flour, and boneless, skinless, organic chicken breast. I checked out and sheepishly told the cashier that I had forgotten my reusable bags at home; I could feel the cashier’s glare of disapproval after I told him that I would be purchasing a bag.

Angry and embarrassed, I started to load everything into my brown-paper bag. I checked out and was on my way to the car when it happened—the brown-paper bag started to tear and by the time I got to my car I was hugging all of my items hoping that the turmeric root wouldn’t stain my white dress-shirt. I smiled as I got into the car and started to play “We Made It” via Bluetooth, realizing that I have never related to Drake and Soulja Boy more. I started to drive off, but quickly came to a halt—I had forgotten to validate my parking.

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