Ableist UC system flaunts its eyesight

Blind 2I have long advocated for the prohibition of ableist language from California campuses and now I’ve set my sights on a certain type of ableist rhetoric. Visionist terms, i.e. those that empower the seeing at the expense and marginalization of the blind. Traditional sayings such as “I see your point” are hurtful and offensive to those who will never be able to see your point.

The UC System has long privileged those with vision and I say this must end now!

Even the name of the university marginalizes the blind. After all, what blind person is going to feel comfortable apply to a school in the U-C System? Did UCLA?

No, not all of us can see LA, nor can we see Irvine nor fucking Davis, which I hear is lovely.

This discrimination is especially pervasive in California schools which are often located near the beach. It’s outrageous to invite a blind person to hang out by the sea. I know it is spelt different, but the blind don’t.

What’s more, UCLA tries to encourage its students to be “visionaries,” which by definition, the blind can never be.

This discrimination is a monumental problem on campus. Open your eyes and look around, you’ll see it everywhere. 


Art by Colin Tandy

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