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Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? -Yes -No   Really? -Yes -No   Are you sure? -Yes -No   What if I make this silly face? -Yes -No   Wow, you must really love me. Do you love me on a sad…


NBC Cancels The Presidential Election After 57 Seasons

NEW YORK, NY — NBC has decided to pull the plug on The Presidential Election after a remarkable 57 seasons. The decision comes only days after the most recent presidential debate, which was met with record low ratings and a…


Fat Sal’s to change Name to Obese Sal’s

WESTWOOD— The popular late-night food destination on Gayley, Fat Sal’s, announced that they will be changing their name to “Obese Sal’s”, after owner, Sal, was diagnosed with obesity. “We just wanted to be as accurate as possible with the name,”…


Couple Makes Their Relationship Disneyland Official

ANAHEIM, CA — Yesterday, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, 133 couples posed for a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to make their relationship “Disneyland Official.” Ever since “Facebook Official” has been the silver standard in relationship authenticity,…

Eat Prey Love-Slider

Eat Prey Love

A relatable Valentine’s Day anecdote. May we all unleash the man-eater inside.


Black History Month Declared FB Friend Cleanse Month

WASHINGTON D.C. — President Obama signed a bill this past Monday designating February as “National Facebook Friend Cleanse Month.” “Initially, a lot of people were concerned about this designation possibly taking away from Black History Month,” stated a source close…

Trump Mad Libs

Donald Trump Mad Lib

A new game that’s fun for the whole family. It’s only January, and the 2016 election has already been filled with all kinds of exciting speeches given by charismatic, unexpected front runner(s). Now you and your family can have hours…


Dark Horse

by Katy Perry (UC ID 904049748), Juicy J (UC ID 90393475) I have never liked running. My parents would encourage me to get out of the barn and go run around with the other foals, but I would always tell them…