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The 5 Types of People in Your Lounge

Ah, the wonders of the college dorm lounge. It is in this quintessential landscape that you can be sure to encounter an array of strange characters and a bevy of uncomfortable small talk. Have no fear though, dear reader, Satyr…


(Realistic) New Year’s Resolutions

Planning on reading, like, twelve million books off your Goodreads list this year? Click here to read your first epic tome of 2014, because you’re worth it.

Fantasy Roommate chewbacca

Fantasy Roommates

NAME: Chewbacca SPECIES: Wookie-turned-space-explorer CURRENT RESIDENCY: In search of a new best friend who won’t ditch him for his stupid bun-head girlfriend. PROS: Gives excellent hugs, is a faithful (if startling) alarm clock. CONS: Once Chewy moves in, your hair-free…