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Dark Horse

by Katy Perry (UC ID 904049748), Juicy J (UC ID 90393475) I have never liked running. My parents would encourage me to get out of the barn and go run around with the other foals, but I would always tell them…


My Quarter “Abroad” (south campus)….Sort Of

  I could not be more excited for the amazing opportunity I have been presented with this quarter at UCLA. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have an hour and twenty minute space between my classes. This break is too long…


New Bullshitting Major to be Offered at UCLA

WESTWOOD— Chancellor Gene Block announced Wednesday that UCLA will offer a major in bullshitting to students beginning in Fall 2015. “Increasingly, students are graduating not with a holistic grasp of their field of study, but rather academic bullshitting skills and debt…


UCLA Dorm Room Competition

WESTWOOD— The UCLA Housing Committee announced on Monday that Jill Little won the first annual Freshman Dorm Decoration Contest. “The main criteria we judged the rooms on was originality, and Jill’s room really exemplified that” said a member of the committee…

Greek philosophers

UCLA Philosophy Department Hires Jaden Smith

WESTWOOD— UCLA announced earlier today that musician, actor, and intellectual Jaden Smith will be appointed as a philosophy professor. “We are incredibly excited to welcome Jaden to the faculty,” said Gavin Lawrence, the Chair of UCLA’s Philosophy Department. “Jaden represents the…