Better Things UCLA Could Have Spent $100,000 Than Security For Bruin Republicans Event


UCLA covered the cost of the security for inflammatory conservative lecturer, Ben Shapiro. Because of a 2009 policy, the Bruin Republicans should be footing the bill because more the 70% of people in attendance are not affiliated with UCLA in any way. UCLA agreed to cover the cost after the Bruin Republicans teamed up with a Pro Bono legal organization who threatened a lawsuit.

According to the Daily Bruin, these security costs could total up to $100,000. In fact, UC Berkeley paid 600,000 in security fees when Ben Shapiro spoke on their campus this past September.

Apparently UCLA can spend 100,000 to host a man who said “If you pay taxes, you’re sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda”, here are some items Satyr believes most UCLA students would prefer instead of a man who looks like a generic Lego Minifigure once chewed on by a Corgi.

  1. Books for 85 students.
  2. 5,000 UCLA 3D puzzles.
  3. 33,333 pairs of shower flip flops.
  4. Morrisey as Bruin Bash Headliner (even with the knowledge that it will be canceled)
  5. Only Half of a Psy concert (We at Satyr are aware that Psy is no longer a prevalent cultural figure, but it would still be a better use of funds).
  6. Give three students a full ride (Yes, only three, but it’s still better than the Minifigure).
  7. A free class on public discourse (To balance things out).
  8. Field Trips for 10,810 elementary schoolers to visit UCLA.
  9. 833 dogs for students to hang out with for a day.
  10. 344,287 more bananas for B-Plate.

(Both UCLA and Satyr magazine are in support of freedom of speech and protest, and the organization of groups with certain political views are completely justified in spreading a non-violent opinion and agenda.)

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