Bruin Republicans Accuse Undocumented Students Of Voter Fraud In USAC Elections

Republicanlogo.svgWestwood–In the latest scandal surrounding this year’s USAC Elections, Bruin Republicans have claimed that between three thousand and five thousand undocumented students illegally voted in the student elections.

The Republican student group states that the evidence of rampant voter fraud came to them from popular news source Breitbart, which is certainly not fake news.

“The problem really is pervasive,” says Milo Stephanopoulos, a third-year political science major. “They’re voicing their opinion through the electoral process. It undermines the very idea of democracy.”

Milo Stephanopoulos and other Bruin Republicans members filed a complaint with Election Board and are asking that a full investigation be conducted into the illegal voting practices that they believe are swaying the results of the election. When Election Board responded that there is no by-law excluding undocumented students from voting and that they may in fact just be racist, Bruin Republicans quickly released a statement saying “Nooooooo, we can’t be racist. We have illegal friends.”

Despite this knowledge, Bruin Republicans are still protesting on Bruin Walk, holding signs that say “It’s MyUCLA not TheirUCLA!” All these posters caught the attention of Alicia Cabrera, an undocumented second-year student. When asked about her reaction to the protesters, she said, “You know what’s funny? I completely forgot to vote until I saw these signs!”

**The Daily Ruin staff does not endorse calling students “illegal” or “aliens,” but rather “undocumented” or simply by their names like “Jessica” or “Michael”**


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