Buzzfeed Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Landscapes And We’ll Tell You How You’ll Kill Yourself


You’ll be found at the end of a rope in your family’s home. Be sure to only stand on the furniture covered with plastic! mount

You’ll jump off a cliff. Maybe choose one that’s as captivating and magnificent as this!

gateYou are probably a misunderstood brooding high-schooler. You’ll be found in the garage in your step-dad’s Toyota Tercel with the engine still running and an Elliott Smith CD skipping over “Between the Bars”. A well-crafted death, almost as well-crafted as those cobblestones there.

rainbowPills. Man, look at that rainbow. Just wow.

sheepGod, what I wouldn’t give to be that sheep, living free amidst a plethora of nature and eternal greenery, free from the confines of society and capitalism. Oh, and you’re gonna blow your brains out.

sunYou’ll hire someone to drop a piano on you.

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