Historical Inaccuracies in Captain America Civil War

SATYR- Civil WarCaptain America: Civil War was a fine movie. I enjoyed it on a superficial level, but unfortunately the history buff in me couldn’t avoid noticing a couple glaring historical errors. Oh what was that? You were planning on going back to the cheese table? Well just listen to this first. It’s such a shame that big time Hollywood hot shots don’t take the time to do their research. The Bathroom? You want to know where the bathroom is? I don’t know. Listen to my list.

Black Widow

The civil war ended in the 1860s, I’m not sure why they thought Black Widows husband would let her skip around at all times of the night with an all male group of vigilantes in the nineteenth century. There would certainly be unsavory rumors which would have tarnished her husband’s reputation. I’m assuming she had an unmentioned husband. If she was unmarried, well.. in that time she would be relegating herself to the social class of prostitutes, the mentally ill, and people with physical deformities. You probably wouldn’t have noticed that though. You don’t strike me as a guy who knows a lot about the social and economic patterns of 1860s America.

Iron Man’s Suit

Iron Man’s suit would have had to be entirely steam powered. There is no way it could have been skin tight and that portable. He would have required a team of at least ten unskilled laborers to follow him around and supply his suit’s power source.

Audis Didn’t exist

There is a very unrealistic number of Audis in this film. Ford’s model T had not even been released yet. I don’t understand why they thought it was appropriate for the Avengers to all drive Audis. My great grand uncle was actually a founder of Audi, so I would know when they began production.

Captain America’s Teeth

Corrective dental work was very primitive and a luxury that most people certainly could not afford. Not to mention that  oral hygiene had not yet caught on as a common practice. It is highly unlikely that anyone would have maintained consistent enough oral hygiene for to be able to have teeth as straight and white as Captain America’s are.

What? Why do you look so confused? Fine. Okay. I only saw the trailer. Wait. Where are you going? Those were valid points. I know you don’t need to go to the cheese plate that badly. No one needs to go to the cheese plate that badly.

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