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  Illustrated by Colin Tandy

  Illustrated by Jakob Kiebach

  Illustrated by Colin Tandy

Eat Prey Love

A relatable Valentine’s Day anecdote. May we all unleash the man-eater inside.

Whitesboro’s New Flag

After some criticism that its old flag was offensive, the Whitesboro community has been hard at work design this new flag, sponsored by TGI Fridays.


  Check out JETZO. They are a clowning based improv group with drop in classes at the improv space once a month. *This is not recommended for those with a fear of clowns, improv or two men pretending to be from…

Mom Selfie

Happy Mother’s Day to those moms whose children are just too young to thank them via Facebook.

Mt. Racial Equality: A Timeline of Racism at UCLA

  SOURCES: 2000s: Alleged discriminatory remarks leveled at minority faculty members such as “I thought Asian women were supposed to be submissive.” 2008: Upon seeing a newly hired professor, senior faculty members asks loudly, in front of a group of…