Checked Out Voter Thinks Larry David is Running

SATYR-Larry David
NEVADA – Nevada resident Kent Bradley was confused and taken aback this past Saturday after attempting to vote for Larry David in the Nevada Democratic Caucus only to find the two options on the ballot were Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Bradley, who admits that he could be considered a “checked out” voter – rarely reading the news or watching the presidential debates – nonetheless insisted that he thought Larry David, popular comedian, was the one running for office, not Bernie Sanders.

“I saw some Saturday Night Live skit about some old crazy Jewish guy running for President, and I was pretty into it,” Bradley said, which is apparently how the confusion between Larry David and Bernie Sanders began.

The SNL skit Bradley is referencing seems to have confused a handful of Nevada voters, who wrote in Larry David’s name on the ballot instead of voting for Sanders. As a write-in candidate, Larry David earned about 3% of the vote, amassing more support than former Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley ever earned.

Sanders ended up losing the Nevada Caucus by about 3%, a direct result of the SNL/Larry David confusion. Nonetheless, the Clinton campaign is calling her win in Nevada a “solid victory” to anyone who will listen.

A superPAC affiliated with the Clinton camp has begun releasing TV ads in South Carolina and Alabama, states with upcoming Democratic primaries, that claim Larry David is in fact running for president.

A representative from the Sanders campaign commented on the ads saying, “It’s a smear campaign to confuse voters. Larry and Bernie may have uncanny similarities, both being older white Jewish men with a knack for constantly harping about something in thick New York accents, but that doesn’t mean Clinton should use this to take votes away from Sanders.”

Jaquelyn Corey, a Nevada voter who did, in fact, write in David’s name on the ballot this past weekend, seemed to hold different sentiments, getting behind the idea of a David campaign. “If a guy who makes a living by wearing a shitty toupee and yelling “You’re fired!” can run for president, why can’t a comedian?” Corey reasoned.
Other Nevada voters quickly rallied behind this cry, selling shirts with Larry David’s face on them to raise funds for a Larry David 2016 campaign. The shirts have sold quite well, though this may be because actual Bernie supporters think the man depicted on the shirt is Sanders. Evidently, the confusion between the two men continues. ♦

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