Was I At Coachella Or North Korea’s Day Of The Sun Parade?

18072824_10208694954031589_1165097552_nOkay. I had a crazy weekend. I was super high. I don’t totally remember where I was, but I do remember that I went somewhere by a van, at some point, with a lot of people talking about how April 14-16 is always the best weekend. Based on the memories I have of the weekend, I’ve narrowed it down to two possible places I could have been: Coachella or North Korea’s annual arms display called “The Day of the Sun Parade”.

I remember being in a large crowd of similarly dressed people. I just don’t remember if those people were all wearing the dark green military uniforms of a totalitarian dictatorship or if they were all wearing Free People tops with appropriated tribal designs.

I remember seeing a bunch of large art made of flowers. This art was in the shape of someone’s face. I do not remember if it was Jimi Hendrix or the late leader of North Korea Kim Il Sung.

I remember some threats getting thrown around. I do not remember if these threats were to make Jess sleep in a separate tent if she throws up again, or if they were to destroy the US.

I remember someone yelling happy birthday. I do not remember if we were celebrating Jess’s birthday or  Kim Jong Un’s birthday. They were both born April 16th.

I remember people calling Donald Trump a capitalist pig. But that doesn’t really narrow it down at all.

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