Have something funny to say but no friends to talk to? Bursting with poignant ideas for political cartoons but only know how to draw on MS Paint? Filled to the brim with inspirational anecdotes from the underside of Dove® Chocolate foils but no willing audience?

Send your submissions to Satyr!

Our goal is to let anyone with any comedic impulse publish their work in a space where people will see it. We can’t promise to publish every contribution, but we absolutely promise to read everything sent to us. Your work may be modified for length or grammar, but it will still be published under your name, and you retain full ownership!

And, if we feel like your work is super amazing, you could even be published in our actual in-the-flesh magazine, and your work will be held in the chubby fists of UCLA students all across campus. We will immortalize you. 

Please fill out the form below and/or email your submission to:

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