Cool 4/20 Locations From a Totally Chill Fellow UCLA Student

Hello there, Bruins and Bruinettes! As fellow totally rad young adults, I know we all just want to “get our party on” without “The Man” getting us down. So this 4/20 I have compiled a list of totally safe, narc-free locations to “toke” some of that “dank” “pot” LOL!

1. The Sculpture Garden at Exactly 2:35 pm

Everyone show up at the same time so we can all get totally blazed on that lettuce! YOLO!! We can also all tweet/instagram our exact locations with the hashtag: #thisismarijuanainthepicture.

2. Bruin Plaza

Show all the touring high school seniors and incoming freshman what our school is all about! Definitely no parents will call the cops to complain! They’ll probably think you’re dope as heck and join in! EVERYONE DO THIS. LOL.

3. Royce Hall

This building is so old, who cares amirite??? I’m sure no police will actually care about our most iconic building on campus. It will be “hella” fun! Everyone do this. Haha.

4. 601 Westwood Plaza

Finally, this is the best spot to “get your smoke on” on 4/20! Right outside the Westwood Police Department! Really stick it to those pigs by lighting up right in front of them. Also, make sure that your faces are completely visible so they get a nice long look at you. That way, they’ll never forget who showed it to them!

If you have any other helpful tips or want to share where you’ll be hanging out, send any suggestions to

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