Texas Cop Not Racist, Just Scared of Black People


Caption: Officer Eric Casebolt practicing a deep-breathing technique to calm his nerves after an encounter with unarmed black teenagers in a Texas suburb.

MCKINNEY, TX— After the release of a video depicting a police officer in McKinney, Texas pulling his gun on two unarmed boys and pinning an unarmed girl in a bikini to the ground, Police Chief Greg Conley explained that the officer is scared to death of black people.

“Many viewers are gonna want to jump to the conclusion that Officer Eric Casebolt is racist, but they’re completely overlooking the fact that he has a documented phobia of black people,” Conley said during a press conference Sunday afternoon.

Conley went on to say that like many police departments across the country, many other officers under his supervision are genetically predisposed to acting “a little trigger-happy” around minorities.

“We’ve noticed they get especially agitated when minorities start reminding officers about the Bill of Rights or questioning an officer’s use of force,” Conley said. “In Officer Casebolt’s case, he has been known to experience paranoid panic attacks if he perceives that a black person is challenging his authority.”

In collaboration with Casebolt and the McKinney police department, Casebolt’s physician George Necker has released medical records showing that Casebolt has had a fear of people with darker skin than his own since childhood.

“To put it bluntly, Eric is terrified of black people,” Necker said. “He’s working through this condition, but like all of us, he makes mistakes. This is a minor and natural setback on the road of recovery.”

McKinney officer Jerry Peterson expressed dissatisfaction with Casebolt’s temporary suspension from the force.

“I don’t think people realize how hypocritical it is to support the suspension since it’s discriminating against Eric for something he can’t control,” Peterson said.

Peterson believes Casebolt has been making progress, pointing to a portion of the video showing Casebolt running and shoulder-rolling toward the crowd of teenagers as evidence of Casebolt’s willingness to confront his fears.

“Not many of us here would have the guts to do that around so many black people. He’s the kind of role model we need here, and it’s a real shame so many people don’t see it that way.”

Conley announced there will be an investigation into the incident, but that he doesn’t expect to find anything that would jeopardize Casebolt’s career since the department is already fully aware of Casebolt’s condition.♦

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