Dad Calls In Pizza Order, Saves Most Complex Order For Last

SPRINGFIELD, VA- It has just been confirmed that when calling his family’s weekly pizza order, Tim Nelson always saves the most complex one for last. Every Wednesday at 3:45 p.m., Nelson uses his cool and collected dad vibe to trick the Springfield Papa John’s pizza guy into thinking this going to be an ordinary order.

Sources say that Nelson uses the same play every time. When he calls, he remembers the pizza guy’s name. He asks the pizza guy how he was. He asks the pizza guy how his day was going. Then, he actually warns the pizza guy, but at this point the pizza guy is in deep with Nelson’s deception. He doesn’t even notice when Nelson slides in with, “Oh just letting you know, I have a pretty big order, so bear with me.” Then, Nelson takes the deception even further by starting off the order with, “so I’ll have one large cheese pizza.” Classic. What a trickster. He makes it seem as though it’s just going to be a typical, one-large-cheese-and-two-large-pepperonis-please kind of order. The pizza guy has no idea.

He even warns the pizza guy again, “alright so now it’s about to get tricky- are you ready?” but the pizza guy is off guard. It’s too late for the pizza guy to tell Nelson he can just order online or text the pizza emoji. “The next one is a large pizza, extra pepperoini. With mushrooms, onion, sun-dried tomatoes and a light drizzle of pesto. And pineapple on two and a half of the slices.” Then Nelson outright lies to the pizza guy telling him that he hopes he has a nice day. But it’s not over yet. Five minutes after hanging up, Nelson calls Papa John’s back to tell that that “I want that last pizza stuffed crust on every other slice.”

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