Engineering Fair Success – Students Waiting in Line Form Fortune 500 Company


WESTWOOD— Earlier today, the Career Center hosted an Engineering Career Fair where students were able to meet and network with recruiters from nearly 100 tech and engineering companies. The fair, which was set to begin at 11:00 a.m., saw the formation of a line two hours before the doors even opened. By the start of the fair, the line had grown to over two thousand students.

“It was ridiculous,” explains Rishi Mody, a freshman computer science major. “The fair was just from eleven to three and the line itself took two hours! Halfway through the process, I seriously considered leaving. I’m so glad I didn’t”

In an attempt to pass the long wait time Mody, along with a group of fellow students, had begun discussing business ventures. As the group collaborated, more and more students joined in until almost the entire line had a part in the creation of what would eventually become a hugely successful business.

“It all started as just small talk — I could never have imagined that it would blow up so quickly. We decided to draft up a contract right there on the spot.”

While waiting in the sprawling line, Mody became CEO of the company that would eventually be named Snaptindergram(book), a social networking app that encourages speed dating through the sharing of low quality photos that disappear after 10 seconds. Mody asked that we also mention the fact that filters could be applied to each of the photos.

Within the hour, every student in line became part of the company, with roles ranging from Executive Boardmember all the way down to unpaid intern. Keith Corbalis, one of the many interns for the company, said he joined because he thought his prospects were better than what they would have been inside the fair.

“In there, all you are is a number. You hand them your resume and move along. For most of them, you wait in line for half an hour just to have them tell you to apply online. I was much happier becoming a part of Snaptindergram(book).”

Minutes after the companies formation, Snaptindergram(book) began acquiring round after round of venture capital funding. The funding capped off at 10.7 billion USD.

Though the company has yet to release an actual product, Mody promises to have a concrete deliverable “soon.”

Many of the recruiters and developers working at the actual fair even left their jobs to join the startup.

“I loved the direction they were going,” describes Anthony Quan, a senior developer at Facebook. “They were hip, new, and innovative. I had to be a part of it.”

The career fair was scheduled to end at 3:00 p.m. but was closed early when all the students left to join the company. Mody summarizes the group sentiment well:

“I’m so glad I had to wait in that line. 10/10 would wait again.”♦

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