Experts Recommend Breaking Up Leg Hair Into Manageable Patches

legsLOS ANGELES, CA — Do you have leg hair or does leg hair have you? A scientific study published by psychologists at UCLA suggests there is, in fact, hope for individuals who always avoid shaving their legs until the next shower.

So how do you get your leg hair from the bottom of your to-do list to the bottom of your shower drain? Is there even hope? New science suggests maybe.

Lead researchers Bairly & Worthet followed commissioned lumberjacks to see how they properly maintained forests in the Pacific Northwest, and were surprised to find that they just take it one or two trees at a time. According to Bairly & Worthet, the same strategy can be applied to taming unruly leg hair due to its sheer volume.

The results were astonishing. Women who shaved their legs one square-inch patch at a time were 15% more likely to have hairless legs at the end of 30 days, rather than women who were tasked with removing all their leg hair at one time. Evidence suggests that the women who were asked to remove all their leg hair at one time just got overwhelmed and gave up.

“Removing what is naturally there can be intimidating. Sometimes we think our task is working against us,” Dr. Worthet explained. “Like some force of nature is trying to keep the body hair or natural rainforests there. But does that mean we just keep it where it is? The history of humankind says no.”

Apparently, separating leg hair into manageable patches also helps with styling. Dr. Worthet hypothesized that they could apply their findings to styling leg hair after he watched a youtube video about sectioning off head hair to straighten it more easily. “It turns out our ‘manageable patch system’ can can cut leg hair straightening time in half, making it twice as likely that your luscious leg hair locks will stay straight and last all day”.

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