Fantasy Roommates

Fantasy Roommate chewbaccaNAME: Chewbacca
SPECIES: Wookie-turned-space-explorer
CURRENT RESIDENCY: In search of a new best friend who won’t ditch him for his stupid bun-head girlfriend.
PROS: Gives excellent hugs, is a faithful (if startling) alarm clock.
CONS: Once Chewy moves in, your hair-free days are over. Your soap bar will turn into a furball before you can say “wookie.”


Fantasy Roommate gollumNAME: Gollum/Sméagol
SPECIES: Standard creepy guy/Who the hell knows?
CURRENT RESIDENCY: In search of both a master who will tolerate his mood swings and a proper grammar tutor (broken 3rd person is not exactly a lady-pleaser).
PROS: Is a low-maintenance guy, adventurous eater, and skilled hiker.
CONS: Has been known to viciously hoard FunYuns, donuts, SpaghettiOs, and Fruit Loops. Personal hygiene is not really his thing. Also, his voice will haunt your dreams. Just saying.

Fantasy Roommate breaking badNAME: Walter White
SPECIES: Human/Criminal Mastermind/Bacon Art Enthusiast
CURRENT RESIDENCY: In search of a fresh audience for his diabolical fibs.
PROS: Is a fantastic chem tutor and jumpsuit model. He’ll always knock.
CONS: Wardrobe is a tad dumpy. Doesn’t understand the value of a perfectly good pizza. Wears khaki a lot. Is a wanted murderer and meth cook.


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