#FreeKe$ha Hashtag Enrages Fans Looking for Free Music

SATYR-Ke$haNEW YORK — In the wake of pop star Ke$ha ’s trial, a hashtag “#FreeKe$ha” was created in order to support the singer. But a fierce fraction of her fans are feeling disappointed by what they claim to be “false advertising.”

“When I saw “#FreeKe$ha” trending on Twitter, I was stoked for some free music,” said casual fan Eric Young. “Like finally, you know? It’s taken her long enough to finally release some new music. But then I found out it was just some trial thing.”

Thousands of fans tweeted their disappointment upon clicking the hashtag and felt as though they were being deceived.

“I scrolled for five whole minutes before I realized there wasn’t any free Ke$ha music,” complained casual fan Amy Morgan. “I kept seeing that photo of her over and over in the courtroom, and I kept thinking ‘this is the worst cover art of all time.’”

Ke$ha has come forward with allegations that producer Dr. Luke has repeatedly sexually assaulted her and is using these claims to help void her contract with Sony. Though the first hearing did not go in her favor, the singer is still moving forward to win her case.

Just this past Friday, a judge stated that Ke$ha was “an investment” for Sony, and any claim that they would do harm to an investment was unfounded.
“I do kind of agree with that judge, though, to be honest. I miss the fun Ke$ha, the product. Why would Sony hurt their own product?” mused Young. “At this point I deserve free Ke$ha music. She owes us. We won’t take no for an answer. Tik-Tok, girl!” ♦

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