Friends Un-invite Group Member to Avoid Getting UberXL

Uber XLWESTWOOD—Last Saturday, a group of five UCLA students set out for a night of drinks, headed to a bar in Venice. However, a problem arose when they realized they had five people in their party–one more than the amount permitted for a regular UberX. Rather than taking the more expensive UberXL, four of the friends made a private Facebook chat and decided to un-invite Ben, the friend they “did not like that much”, in order to fit in a regular UberX.

“It’s 3x surge and we don’t even like Ben that much. don’t* <Cactus holding a balloon sticker>,” said one of the friends in the private Facebook message.

When asked why they did not order a Lyft Plus, which was only 50% surge, they said they did not feel like talking to their driver. Ben Alfaro, the uninvited friend, also wondered why his friends did not take a Lyft Plus or let him come in a separate Uber.

“They told me they weren’t going anymore, but then I saw their Snapchat story, and I saw them all there with the Venice geofilter! I know they don’t like me that much, but I thought David would be the un-invited one,” said Alfaro.

When asked for more details, Alfaro added that “drunk David” always starts weird arguments about Bing being better than Google. “I’m definitely less weird than David, right?” asked Alfaro.

Alfaro concluded by saying he was not even that mad that his friends un-invited him because they can never do it again. “I’ve decided to become an Uber driver,” said an excited Alfaro. ♦

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