Gene Block Cancels Office Hours, Invites Students to Yell Complaints at Him During Morning Jog


WESTWOOD, CA — Students at UCLA have recently been able to openly speak with Chancellor Gene Block through ten minute long “office hours” approximately once a quarter. This week, Chancellor Block is announced a newer, briefer form of office hours, in which students will be free to shout any suggestions and complaints they may have during Gene’s morning jog.

If a student happens to see Block early in the morning jogging down Bruin Walk, they have the opportunity to give any input they see fit, so long as they can say it before he leaves their range of sound. After an unofficial test-jog, some feedback given was, “classes are too early” and, “what are you gonna to do about the…” [this was all that was heard before Block turned the corner towards Schoennberg]. Some of the most effective feedback came from a group of students who just shouted “FUNDING” as Block turned the corner of Westwood Blvd. Since then, Chancellor Block has made promises to reform funding, an idea that seemed impossible before noted in his new office hours.

Flaws in the program have arisen as Gene Block occasionally wear headphones to listen to audiobooks of potential Common Books. However, Block has commended the overall success of his program. “I get a lot more exercise, I’m feeling very healthy… Oh and the feedback has also been helpful”. When asked about his plans going forward, Block noted that, “if the success of these briefer hours continue, we may upgrade to a new program where can whisper their thoughts into my air vents while I sleep”. To sign up for these new office hours, be on Bruin Walk any morning and look for an older gentlemen running in a gray sweatsuit.


Illustration by Aliza Maynard

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