Graduating Dance Marathon Participant Sad She’ll Never Fight Pediatric AIDS Again

WESTWOOD— In the final hours of this year’s Dance Marathon, fourth-year English student Katie Plainfield grew increasingly nostalgic for the past four years she spent fighting pediatric AIDS.

“From getting drunk for the midnight shift freshman year to secretly sitting down in the bathroom six hours ago, I’ve loved every minute of fighting pediatric AIDS,” Plainfield said. “It’s sad knowing this is the last time I will ever help find a cure for pediatric AIDS.”

Plainfield signed up for Dance Marathon during her freshman year after hearing that it was a big event on campus. It wasn’t until the following year when she found out that the marathon benefitted pediatric AIDS that she realized how passionate she was about the cause.

“It’s difficult saying goodbye to something that means so much to me,” Plainfield said. “But I know it’s time to put this cause behind me and start a new chapter in my life.”

While Plainfield has no current plans to fight any other diseases, she does plan to return to the dance floor as an extra in an upcoming Lady Antebellum music video.

“So, be on the look out for that,” Plainfield said.♦

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