Group of Ethnically Diverse Models Get Together for Pamphlet Photo Shoot, Become Actual Friends In the Process

LOS ANGELES— Last week, the College Diversity Initiative Committee (CDIC) staged a photo-shoot of paid student-age-looking models in order to capture a moment of genuine pan-cultural mingling. The photo is scheduled to be on the cover of the next CDIC informational pamphlet detailing the recent diversity requirement proposal at UCLA.

Brought together, the six models were meant to represent different ethnic backgrounds, and more importantly, different skin tones. According to the casting call,  the shot needed to show that the people of this group were “different from the each other, but happy too.” The only reported similarity in color between the six, was the whiteness of their smiles.

According to Ansel Antonioni, the photographer presiding over the shoot, “we needed to make it apparent that the people in this group were different from each other, but happy, too. I was told to ‘sell diversity to the masses’.”

Despite the typical aversion to heterogeneity found in the modeling industry, this motley group of pigmented individuals actually found themselves enjoying each other’s company.

Camila Paez, a veteran of ethnic modeling, recounted her experiences on the shoot.

“After about 15 minutes together, we started talking in between takes about our favorite competitive cooking shows, which music festival we wanted to take selfies at next, and what we thought about people who talked about international politics,” Paez said.

“Turns out we had the exact same opinions on everything, and that’s what really matters when deciding on who to surround yourself with.”

Sources confirmed that the models continued to “linger casually” around the set after all necessary shots had been taken and then proceeded to make dinner plans for later that week.

Antonioni was glad to see that the photoshoot already seemed to reach its goal of promoting diversity.

“It warms my heart to know these individuals shed the veil of ignorance and no longer see colored people. Now, they only see colored friends.”♦

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