Why Having Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill Fixes Sexism Forever

SATYR- Harriet TubmanRemember how when we elected Barack Obama, racism went away forever? Well good news; we did it again! This time, with women’s equality and Harriet Tubman.

Just recently, the Treasury Department announced that a woman will be replacing President Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill. The chosen heroine is Ms. Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad.

I just wanted to say, Treasury Department, you nailed it! Harriet is both a woman and African-American. Society is getting a great two-for-one deal with this gal! If only Harriet were a lesbian, then we could have pretty much rooted out systemic inequality altogether. So close! Darn it.

But reflecting on this pivotal moment in history, I have to say, as a woman myself, I’m glad that a woman made it on to the twenty-dollar bill. I was worried that we would get stuck on a stupid coin after I heard rumors that women might replace Lincoln on the penny. But we didn’t want the stupid penny; we wanted equality for women! After all, what good would a coin do to advance women’s rights around the world?

But fortunately, we don’t have to worry about tokens, because we made it on to a bill!

Illustration by Cornelius Robbins

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