HOT FALL STYLE: Notes From Unpaid Workers Stitched Into Clothes


NEW YORK, NY – Earlier this week, fast-fashion retailer Zara introduced a new trendsetting item: jackets with pleas for help from unpaid workers stitched into the pockets. The trend is taking the fashion world by storm for the Fall season.

Zara’s competitor, Forever 21, has jump-started production on their own sweaters with pleas for help stitched into the pockets. Forever 21 CEO commented “It’s all about getting new styles into stores as fast as possible. Do we have to cut “rest hours”, and eliminate food breaks to do that? Yes. That’s just the price of fast fashion.” The CEO continued that in this particular case these shortcuts have actually benefited the trend by increasing the authenticity of the cries for help stuffed into the garment pockets.

Fashion insiders are guessing that the Zara products may still corner the market because they have been workshopping and researching this trend since October of 2016. When asked to clarify what market they were referring to, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, Mike Jeffries replied with, “the unethical one of course”.  That’s when an investigation found Zara guilty of exploiting Syrian refugees as young as fifteen.

Consumers are excited about this new trend. New York fashion Instagram Personality, Nicole Gliman, told Daily Ruin, “I feel like these days we’ve lost a lot of the personal touches that clothes used to have. These hand written notes really make be feel like I’m buying something couture. No two items are the same!” Consumers have reported that while the notes are stuffed into identical sweaters, each note varies based how exhausted and malnourished the worker scribbling the plea for help was.


Illustrated by Jakob Kiebach

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