House Passes Bill Affectionately Called ‘The Death Star’

4878273049_eac73eaaba_bWashington, DC — Today the United States House of Representatives passed a bill limiting and repealing parts of of the Affordable Care Act.  In the name of festivities, this specific iteration of the bill has been nicknamed ‘The Death Star.’

This new bill will scrap the condition in the ACA that requires insurance companies not to discriminate on a basis of pre-existing conditions, including asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, and more. Up to 24 Million Americans may lose health coverage by the year 2026, because of this bill.

“That’s not all bad,” explains Senator Tarkin, “If people with pre-existing conditions don’t get health care, the genetic chances of that condition persisting go down.”

Much like the real Death Star, this legislative counterpart has been blown up by rebels in the past. This time, it looks as though it has gained enough power to to kill thousands.  So on this Star Wars day, may the force be with you.  We all know the doctors won’t be.

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