An Interview With The Iconic Moses Of De Neve

denevemosesWESTWOOD – A new campus hero has risen to light recently. Brent Davis, a third year computer science major, safely led a group of hesitant freshmen across the De Neve crosswalk during a red light, and has since gained campus-wide attention for this heroic act. Daily Ruin staff was able to secure an interview with the legend himself, after he requested to be interviewed four times.

Daily Ruin: Can you tell us a little bit about the circumstances leading to your heroic crossing?

Brent: Uh, I was late to class.

DR: Wonderful. And then what happened?

Brent: Well, I don’t know, everyone was sort of gathered at the crosswalk. Something just came over me, so I started walking across and everyone just followed me.

DR: What was your thought process leading up to your decision?

Brent: Well, I’m from New York and I jaywalk all the time. I sort of feel like it’s my duty to help these people, you know? The less fortunate need me. Plus I had this vision of like a dude in a burning bush telling me to help them.

DR: Ok … anyways, what happened after you crossed?

Brent: We wandered around Bruin Walk for three months.

DR: What?

At this point in the interview, Brent revealed his full length robe and tattered Birkenstocks.

Brent: I mean everyone is calling me the Moses of De Neve.

DR: No one is calling you that.

After we parted with Brent, one of our staff members saw him deliberately walk down the bike path, jaywalk twice, and walk through the grass outside Powell. Godspeed, Brent.

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