LAPD Begins Training Hundreds of Police in Film Editing

LOS ANGELES— A few hours ago, Charlie Beck, Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department, announced a pilot program in which hundreds of police officers will be trained in film editing software and technique.

“The program is designed to teach officers extra vocational skills,” Beck said. “Particularly, post-production video editing and manipulation.”

Beck denied that today’s unveiling of the new program, called “After the Shoot,” was at all related to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposal to increase transparency by outfitting LAPD with 7,000 body cameras.

“I assure you, this program has everything to do with helping police officers learn new and exciting skills, and nothing to do with that statement Garcetti made yesterday morning.”

When asked about his thoughts on the new body camera policy, Beck described his plans to implement the program.

“Police transparency is an extremely important issue, and we here at the Los Angeles Police Department understand that. We’ve already begun extensive research into finding the best cameras to help aid in this endeavor,” Beck said.

“Currently, we are considering alternatives to traditional cameras, such as infrared and night vision cameras; cameras that provide much more useful information than color,” Beck added.

Details have not been released about when “After the Shoot” will start, but Beck said it will begin well in advance of the body camera deployment. ♦

Co-authored by Josh Moscot and Sachin Medhekar

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