Los Angeles Police Announce Snapchat 911 Service

WESTWOOD— The LAPD announced its new Snapchat service which allows students to send in “snaps” as a replacement to the traditional 911 call.

“By using a modern technology like Snapchat, we hope that we can broaden our reach and appeal to a younger demographic,” said Chief of Police, William Ko.

Snapchat, a popular mobile app, allows users to send each other pictures or “snaps” which delete themselves 1 to 10 seconds after being seen.

Ko also hinted at the possibility of a Westwood Police “Snapchat Story,” which would be used to take selfies with indicted criminals.

“When I’m bored, I like to take selfies with some of the criminals around here and draw little tears in their eyes,” Ko stated.

UPDATE: The Westwood PD has deactivated the new Snapchat service after “a number of failed screenshots led to an increase in crime rates.”♦

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