Man with Really Strange Chin Mole Realizes Fading Popularity With Conclusion of ‘No Shave November’

SANTA ANA— On Monday, corporate sales employee and chin mole bearer, Jasper Rennovitch, reportedly hit a record low of popularity at the office due to the conclusion of No-Shave November.

Earlier last month, the head executives of Swedish-owned catering corporation, Shmorgesborgen Corp N’ Sort, decided to “liven the mood around the office” by allowing employees to participate in “No-Shave November.”

Rennovitch, who is known for an enormous chin mole once described as “holy shit, what is that?” and “The Chernobyl Chin” amongst his peers, finally had the ability to naturally cover his mole for the entire month.

Reports noted a correlation between the growing length of Rennovitch’s beard and his growing confidence around the office as co-workers started to make eye contact with him, and developed the ability to eat in the break room while he was present.

“Yeah people used to definitely stare. It [The Chin Mole] protrudes out a bit, and I usually stayed in my cubicle instead of mingling with the other sales associates. I have Candy Crush on my phone so I substituted that for the whole social interaction thing, but the beard…it solved everything.” said Rennovitch.

On Dec 1, Rennovitch’s reign of being able to fit in averagely “came crashing down,” as he spent 45 minutes crying while shaving his beard.

Sources confirmed that Rennovitch is now back to being known as “the guy with the brown jelly bean on his chin.”♦

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