Measles Outbreak at Disneyland Leaves Visitors Nostalgic For Virus

ANAHEIM— At least 50 cases of measles have broken out in four states within the last week, all affecting recent Disneyland visitors. While this has brought awareness to the virus, and has resulted in increased vaccinations, it has mainly made the general population nostalgic for measles.

Affected visitors reported feeling “super miserable,” but also couldn’t help but feel appreciative that they had fallen ill at the happiest place on Earth.

Sandy Lars, a 14-year-old visitor recently diagnosed with measles, spoke about her experience.

“This has completely changed my perspective on measles. Before I had no connection to it at all, but now that I associate it with Disneyland, I smile whenever I think about how sick I am,” says Sandy.

Disneyland officials have no specific plans to prevent this further spread of measles, and will continue to do whatever they want.

As for the future of measles, sentimentality remains.

“I remember getting the measles when I was a kid. God, I miss it. Lucky bastards,” said 30-year-old measles survivor Jason Loring, who reportedly made a beeline for the spinning teacups in hopes of contact with the virus directly after this interview.♦

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