Mom Riding Amusement Park Tram Thinks She’s a Celebrity

ANAHEIM– After boarding the Disneyland tram on Friday, tourist Shelley Mason reportedly believed it was her job to entertain the other passengers onboard and wave to the lowly people walking by.

“As soon as she stepped onto the tram, she became this fame-hungry monster,” said Richie Mason, Shelley’s 9-year-old son. “She waved at everyone like she was a princess in Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. It was disgusting.”

Sources confirmed that Shelley continually drew attention to herself by speaking loudly enough for everyone to hear, even though she acted like she was just talking to her husband.

One passenger said he heard Shelley joke about the tram being “the first ride of the day” multiple times, but the crowd remained unresponsive.

Just before the tram reached the theme park’s entrance, Shelley finally broke character when she snapped at her children for standing while the tram was in motion and putting their arms and legs outside the vehicle.

“It’s going to be a long $%&#ing day if you kids don’t behave,” Shelley said.♦

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