Mt. Racial Equality: A Timeline of Racism at UCLA

mt. racial equality



  • 2000s: Alleged discriminatory remarks leveled at minority faculty members such as “I thought Asian women were supposed to be submissive.”
  • 2008: Upon seeing a newly hired professor, senior faculty members asks loudly, in front of a group of students, “What is that fucking spic doing here?” Assistant dean advised that going to dean of school would cause more trouble. Both faculty members are still at UCLA.
  • March, 2011: Alexandra Wallace’s vitriolic diatribe (YouTube video “Asians in the Library”) gains viral infamy; faults Asians for calling family members in wake of tsunami in Japan.
  • May, 2012: Dr. Christian Head, otolaryntologist at the UCLA medical school, issued a complaint when he was subject to repeated criticism during an annual event in which residents performed mocking roasts of professors; final slide was his face photoshopped onto the body of a gorilla with his boss’ smiling face photoshopped onto the naked body of a Caucasian man sodomizing him from behind; pay was cut in retaliation for his complaints; university officials investigated claim but found “that the evidence does not substantiate the claims of unlawful activity.”
  • November, 2012: Campus bathroom stall reads: “Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts.” Another sign attached to a Vietnamese Student Union sign: “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores”
  • November, 2012: UCLA named #1 most dangerous campus in US by Business Insider
  • October, 2013: Investigation by Justice Carlos Moreno & team found that most racial allegations at UCLA  were not investigated and rarely resulted in sanctions or punishments.
  • October, 2013: Gene Block appoints one person to oversee future investigations into “alleged discriminatory claims.”
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