NEW Alt-Right Subscription Box!

Monthly subscription box services are on the rise as people love getting curated items shipped right to their door. Now, from the makers of Birch Box, comes the next best subscription box service! In collaboration with Breitbart News and the USPS, comes the monthly Alt-Right Box service: CuckTrunk! For a $14.95(plus s+p)/month, tax-deductible subscription, you’ll receive exclusive collectables, memorabilia, and merch to proudly display your militant political association with the newly-founded Alt-Right!

Beginning with the first box next month, we’re proud to announce all the exclusive Alt-Right items included in the first CuckTrunk:

  • “Lock Her Up” Anti-Hillary Thigh-High Socks!
  • A “Bowling Green: Never Deny” T-Shirt
  • A book of Nazi jokes (The cover is just Anne Frank shrugging)
  • Bill O’Reilly pins (feat. Classic sayings like, “AAAAGGH”)
  • Alex Jones’ Aerobics DVD
  • A coupon to the Hobby Lobby

For those who really want to hunker-down and never change, we have CuckTruckPlus! For just an added $4.95 a month, you’ll get all the items in the Standard CuckTrunk, as well as exclusive items only available to Plus subscribers. This month’s featured Plus items are:

  • Creamy, thick, Whole White Milk to demonstrate racial allegiance!
  • A signed Milo Yiannopoulos picture with a young Macaulay Culkin photoshopped in, to display your allegiance to figureheads no matter what crimes they admit to or which boys they support touching!
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