Not Even Professor Staying for Full 3-Hour Class

LOS ANGELES— With the holiday season in sight, class attendance rates are plummeting alongside student motivation. In the case of “Analytical Animal Geography,” however, it’s not just students who are playing hooky.

Professor Mia Evans readily admits to habitually ducking out of her three-hour lecture up to 75 minutes early.

“At a certain point, the novelty of teaching at one of the most prestigious universities in the world just kind of wears off,” Evans said.

Evans, who has been teaching at UCLA for the past 15 years, believes she isn’t the only professor shirking their lecturing duties.

“I may be the only one saying this, but I’m not alone in thinking it: the time between midterms and Thanksgiving is like the first week and a half of school,” Evans said. “It doesn’t really matter.”

Evans said she doesn’t believe her decision is having much of an impact on her students’ academic goals because so few of them are choosing to attend class themselves.

“There’s really only this one guy who wants to be here still,” Evans said.

“He always looks so crestfallen when I end early, I invite him to office hours — which is where I usually go to conceal my love affair with Jose Cuervo, but hey, you can’t always get off work early and drink the rest of the afternoon into oblivion, too.”♦


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