One of These is a Vice Presidential Candidate, and the Other is a Bowl of Loose Tacks, Sharp Thorns, and Rusty Water. Can You Spot the Difference?

In a classic case of mistaken identity, American citizens, news outlets, and anybody with a pulse are having a hard time telling the difference between Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence and a bowl of loose tacks, sharp thorns and rusty water. We’ve put together some side-by-side comparisons, and hoo-boy are those demographics right! Can you spot the difference? Good luck, smartypants.

Where’s the line between incorporating religion back into politics and being a bowl of loose tacks, sharp thorns, and rusty water?


Both are pro-life, and both are breeding grounds for bugs and disease.


One doesn’t want same-sex couples to have pizza, and the other is the reason Mom won’t let you in the kitchen anymore to “make pizza no really I swear this time”.


Horrifying example of the capabilities of this random mistake called life? Or a bowl of loose tacks, sharp thorns, and rusty water?


Which one is Donald Trump’s running mate, and which is the bowl of loose tacks, sharp thorns, and rusty water that Donald Trump confused for his running mate?


Answer: We stumped ourselves on this one! Email us your best guess!



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