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June 23, 4000 BC 

So gr8 being the first born son =) #thisismyparadisebitches

God watches me run around naked #whataperve #getouttaherejesus

@God thanks for all these fruits, just ate that apple one btw

@God haha jk :p

July 18, 4000 BC

Dumbass mom just had another kid again -_- like wtf #pregnancyhurtslikeshit

Shoutout to Abel for being a little fucking prick. #stupidbabies

Wish mom got an abortion

God hasn’t talked to me in two weeks #lonelynights

Talkin shit to Abel cuz he’s a baby and can’t understand shit lmao #talkingshit

March 15, 3993 BC

@Abel‘s a kiss-up. Why don’t you just fuck God already? #gayafbro

Only douchebags play guitar and sing songs to God’s face #kissuptothemax #ontherealthough

@Abel is gay for God #spooningwithgod

RT if Abel’s gay AF

January 27, 3992 BC

New jawbbb, working dem fields doe

@Abel sits and talks to sheeps all day and probably makes out with them #abelisagaysheep lmao

@LilWayne I plant so many seeds that I got the world pregnant #ispitfire

January 28, 3992 BC

Giving God that offering, he’s gonna love the zucchini souffle #abelaintgotshit

@Abel brought a sheep for God, what a douche #gaysheep

Ballin at the altar like a thug #thuglife

What do you mean you don’t like my souffle?????!!!!! how bout I punch you in the face, maybe you’ll like that bitchhhh #godsucks

So fcdkkking drnksaf tuhrn up centrael rgiht herwar #howyoulykemenowgod

February 1, 3992 BC

God doesn’t love me :( #sad

Boutta drink four bottles and get #drunkaf. PS Abel suckssss

RT if ur drnkkk af right now #swimmingpools @kendricklamar #drunkswaggin


February 2, 3992 BC

I think Abel should die. Who has a knife? #ido

#picnicsintheforest with @Abel

Lemme cut that for you Abel hahahahahasha

@Abel you should wake up haha


The woods are so nice

Swag me out #onlychildswaggin

February 4, 3992 BC

God doesn’t know shit. Omnipresent my ass #gangstalife

FUCKKKKKK #fml #fml

@God pleaseeeeeee let mee stay

@God I’ll make you a thousand souffles and take a cooking class and other stuff I’ll do anything

@God c’mon man we had good times

@God I don’t need you

@God fuck u

March 29, 3992 BC

Moved out already, this place is so boring #nostarbucksformiles

October 12, 3992 BC

Got honeys on deck ;))

#Bitchesss though

June 24, 3990 BC

Getting married to this fine ass honey #pimpin

April 16, 3989 BC

Gon spread dat seed #pimpinallovertheworld

The bitch wants kids. Shit

September 22, 3987 BC

Having kids sucks ass #realtalk #nobullshit 

Is Cain a whiny, murderous asshole?Kinda. Thank God Satyr isn't! Follow us on Twitter.

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