Republican Experiences Brief Moment of Empathy

Los Angeles, CA–In an unprecedented and shocking turn of events, local republican Joshua Gibson experienced something right wing Americans rarely do: empathy.

The Daily Ruin reached out to Gibson. He had this to say on the subject: “I was walking to my car when I saw a homeless mother and her child on the street holding a sign that read ‘Please Give’. Normally I would scoff at such a pathetic display. I typically think to myself ‘these people can’t just ask for handouts, they need to be like the rest of us and apply for a job if they want income.” Joshua was leaving his job at an investment bank, where his father is a partner.

However this time he experienced something that was so foreign to him that he could only chalk it up as empathy. “I actually felt kinda bad for her. I thought, maybe her social and economic displacement in society isn’t her fault. Maybe we do live in a country that has systematically marginalized those in poverty and is even more cruel to those who are not white men. Maybe she is a victim of a cruel cyclical system that has kept her from advancing in society, and her only way to survive is to rely on the goodness of humanity to help her.”

The feeling quickly dissipated as soon as a he got to his Mercedes Benz S450. At this point in the interview process with the Daily Ruin Joshua became highly defensive. “I shouldn’t have had any sympathy for her or her helpless child! If she wants money maybe she should not be so lazy and just get a job”. He then asked his assistant to bring him his coffee, as he didn’t want to walk 10 feet across the room to get it.

Joshua said he returned home and quickly put the matter behind him. “I decided it wasn’t worth it to dwell on it, as I knew that ultimately I was right in my belief that she made the decision to be homeless. She must have wanted that for herself”.

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