Shark Attack Caught on Tape, Tape Eaten by Shark

Only one photo was able to be salvaged from the attack. It's this one.

Only one photo was salvaged from the attack. It was this one.

SANTA MONICA– On Wednesday, beach dwellers at the Santa Monica Pier were fortunate enough to capture a violent shark attack on tape. Bystanders were observing the scene from the shore before running up to the pier in order to get “unobstructed footage.”

Corey Gabriels, a self-identified shark fanatic, described his unfortunate experience.

“Right when I got some amazing footage, the shark leapt up and snatched the camera from my hands,” said Gabriels. “My only regret is that I don’t have the proof on tape. Also, I don’t know where I’m going to find another VHS camera.”

Along with the camera, the shark managed to grab Gabriels’s arm.

“You know what? I take that back. It’s the arm. That’s my biggest regret.”♦

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