Spring Trends, Light Colors Heavy Treason



WASHINGTON, DC — This spring there are two new trends sweeping Washington DC: light colors and heavy treason! Everyone on the Hill is getting in on it. Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and even president Donald Trump have all been seen sporting pastels and being named in an investigation about collusion with Russia.

Daily Ruin asked some style experts what they thought. “All the fun spring colors and patterns are a natural contrast to the dark implications of the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russia. Our eye is attracted to contrast. That’s what makes this trend so hot.”

Just last week Donald Trump was seen in a periwinkle tie as he strolled around the White House lawn talking to Russian officials through a very tiny very secret bluetooth headset. Jared Kushner even wore an entirely baby pink suit as his father-in-law met with Russian officials in the Oval Office.

Reportedly the Trumps have set the most popular trend since the days of Jackie Kennedy. Americans all over the country are being inviting to get in on this fun trend. Ivanka Trump’s line is set to release a new pair of bright yellow pumps that come with a free pair of Russian secrets.


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