Student Finishes Paper, Can’t Stop Using Transition Words in Conversation

WESTWOOD—After second-year English major, Michelle Dreande, finished her 25-page paper late Sunday night, her friends started noticing an alarming trend in her everyday speech. Before every sentence, Dreande would use a transition word or phrase.

“Indeed, I have noticed this trend as well. Although my friends are telling me to stop, I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so. Moreover, my English teacher thinks I am making fun of her whenever I go to office hours. In addition, my parents are constantly yelling at me to stop,” stated Dreande.

Dreande’s closest friend, second-year sociology major, Audrey Liu, claims Michelle has even started citing sources in her everyday speech.

“Just yesterday I was talking to Michelle, and after her sentence she started citing her sources in proper MLA format. She even alphabetized them!” said an annoyed Liu.

Unfortunately, Dreande earned a C- on her paper after finding out she was supposed to use APA format.

Illustration by Sarita Zed-Schreiber

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