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White House Press Room Podium Replaced With Bush

Washington―In the latest shake-up the Trump administration has made to the White House, Sean Spicer has decided to replace the historic podium in the press room with a bush. The decision comes after the suspicious timing of the firing of…


Jeb Bush Rushed to Hospital after Shooting Himself in Foot

MEREDITH, NH – On January 6, 2015, Governor Jeb Bush was scheduled to speak at the Church Landing in Meredith, New Hampshire. However, before he could take the stage of the “Governing Under the Influence Education Project,” Bush was rushed…


George, George, and Jeb: A Bush Dialogue

The Bush family house is abuzz with the anticipation that Jeb Bush will probably be running for president. Jeb and George Sr. sit at the breakfast nook looking at some preliminary research and strategizing. George Sr. laughs confidently, clearly impressed…